Our Business

A digital services parent company of platforms focused on financial technology and commerce services, offered through cloud marketplace and APIs in a networked economy.

What We Do

Re-imagining how technology, financial inclusion and commerce flow through the networked economy, to create a better World for All.

Financial Technology

Financial services through cutting-edge next gen technologies. Where user experience is central part of our corporate culture and our products.

Commerce Services

Cloud marketplace to sell-everything, everywhere across the omni-channel spectrum in order to drive conversion across more consumer touch points.

Digital Entertainment

Digital technology is disrupting the entertainment marketspace. How will billions of consumers be entertained during the next three centuries? The future of cloud digital entertainment lies in its delivery. Novelty is where buzz lives.


Green Energy

Green Energy for a Cleaner Planet.

  • The Planet demands more Energy.
  • The Planet demands less Carbon.

Can the Planet have both?

2020 and beyond will see the rise of the Green economy through sustainable finance. 
Green energy infrastructure will be in strong demand. Sustaining and advancing economic, environmental and social well-being.
Doing good for society and good for the planet we will make the World a better place for our children and future generations.