Why is the company called INFINI Global?

INFINI is French for Infinity. Logo’s eight cardinal points, depict a digital economy, a perpetuity augmenting ad infinitum in adherence to our corporate culture’s eight core values.

Where is INFINI Global based?

United Arab Emirates, a gateway to the vast MEASA region and Central point between the West and East territories.

Can the general public visit INFINI Global Corporate offices?

INFINI Global Corporate offices are for administrative purposes and staff members only, therefore closed to the public.

How can I contact INFINI Global?

We require all business correspondence to be email based for record purposes and to eliminate misunderstandings. We will endeavor to respond promptly to all emails of a business nature.

How can I obtain information about position openings at INFINI Global?

Human Capital is INFINI Global’s greatest asset. At this point we don’t have any open vacancies. Any changes in this respect will be communicated here.

What is the philosophy behind the 8-8-6 Work Culture.

At INFINI Global we value hard work and encourage a culture of working longer and smarter. 12-hours-a-day, from 8am-to-8pm, 6-days-a-week routine, is de rigueur for passionate young employees. Those who can stick to an 8-8-6 schedule are those who have found their passion, purpose and can commit beyond monetary gains. Working longer and smarter than others is the requisite to attain mastery and excellence in your area of expertise. There are only 24 hours in a day. If you sleep 6 hours a day, then you have 18 hours left. On average, individuals work 8 hours a day. Meaning, if you work 8 hours you still have 10 hours left. What you do with these 10 hours, is what sets apart the achievement oriented individual on a path to mastery and the average to mediocrity.

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How does INFINI Global help the community?

INFINI Global is dedicated to creating value for the community and endeavors to undertake corporate responsibility projects aimed at sustainable development goals.